Dear Abby: Ex-wife does not like that I’m dating her cousin

Dear Abby: Ex-wife does not like that I’m dating her cousin

Man’s previous partner is wanting to turn their friends, grown young ones and parents from the few.

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DEAR ABBY: i will be a man that is 57-year-old is divorced for eight years. (My ex-wife ended up being usually the one who filed.) not long ago i reconnected with my ex-wife’s cousin, “Edith,” whom I’dn’t observed in years. We started a relationship, that has developed in to a severe relationship.

My ex is having difficulties with our love and has now been wanting to turn buddies, our grown kiddies and our moms and dads against us.

Our company is both solitary and luxuriate in each company that is other’s. Can there be evolutionwriters company any good good reason why we ought to maybe maybe not pursue this relationship, because “we’re upsetting my ex-wife’s family”? — TWO FANS IN NY

DEAR TWO LOVERS: whenever your wife left you, the right was lost by her to determine do the following along with your life — including who you date and even marry next. This woman is acting just like the dog that is proverbial the manger, and we sincerely wish your friends and relations don’t let her escape along with it.UTF8[……]

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